Lutheran Disaster Care, Inc. is a Ministry of Presence

Lutherans join together to provide mercy to those in need whether near or far, regardless of race, creed, or religion.

Lutheran accompaniment allows us to work through the means of grace that God provides for His ministry of mercy, working through the Church.

The deep human needs and psychological scars left after disaster require care beyond the restoration of physical needs. Putting lives back together requires real care, hope, and love.

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What We Do

Through our member churches, LDC provide trained volunteers, the ability to do mass feedings, and supply disaster buckets, kitchen kits, and other supplies. We are developing a case management system to coordinate our work teams at a disaster site. Our member organizations are experienced in managing a disaster response and running a work camp as part of a recovery effort. We are working to put together programs to assist congregations with long-term recovery. We focus on sharing God’s grace in all our endeavors and provide devotional materials and/or Bibles to those we assist.

Ongoing Projects

Lutheran Early Response Team (LERT)

Our response teams are trained volunteers who respond to disaster like tornadoes, floods, and hurricanes. Our resent responses included Flooding in Nebraska, Hurricane Michael in Florida, Tropical Storm Imelda and numerous tornadoes in Texas.

Blessings & Bibles

Blessings and Bibles is a ministry that cares for body and soul as Christ did when he healed the ill and forgave their sins. We spend time with victims of disasters, Listen to their stories, share why we have hope in Christ and leave them with a Bible, devotional materials for their spiritual care and a gift card for the body. Below is the video from the LWML Texas District Convention. the LWML granted $15,000 over the next two years to help with this project.

Making Mask

Due to the ongoing pandemic there is a significant shortage of mask. Lutheran Disaster Care is coordinating the making of mask and getting them delivered to those who need them. If you would like to help us make mask, please contact Adrienne Sekishiro  at addyjoy@LutheranDisaster.Care . 

We have supplied over 3000 mask to the community at large, churches, senior living facilities Hospitals, and pediatric and adolescent centers.



Click the Donate button to support Lutheran Disaster Care